Monday, 11 May 2020

Rajdhani Daily


About : 

Rajdhani Daily is the Daily publishing magazine in Nepali Language in Nepal.
The Rajdhani Rashtriya Dainik, which started publishing on 22 June 2058, with steady and uninterrupted journey on the path of democracy and rule of law. Due to its impartial, fearless and independent news, news content and flow of ideas, Rajdhani Rastriya Dainik has established itself as a mainstream in the Nepali media world.

During this period of more than a decade, Rajdhani Rastriya Dainik has been publishing news, ideas, etc. in various fields of the country including contemporary political, economic, social and cultural, presenting the example of fearless and responsible journalism. Since its inception, Rajdhani Rastriya Dainik has been giving special priority to investigative news by exposing the hidden aspects of the society.

By publishing the views and expressions of various thematic areas, it has been informing the general public about current issues and taking them to critical debates. Due to this, Rajdhani Rashtriya Dainik has been able to stand at the forefront of contemporary Nepali journalism. The 'Rajdhani Rastriya Dainik', which has been published in 12 pages since its inception, is currently being published simultaneously from Kathmandu, Dharan and Butwal.

In recent times, Rajdhani Rashtriya Dainik has been publishing regular pages as well as special issues based on current issues and events.

Contact : 

Rajdhani News Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Department of Information and Broadcasting
Registration No .: 1132 / 075-76
Kupandol, Lalitpur, Po.B.N. : 20503, 
Kathmandu - Nepal; 
Phone : 977–1–5546300, 5541030, 5541040
Email : 

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